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Who’s Fault Is Low Productivity?

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According to recent research, the average employee is only being productive a MAXIMUM of 60% of the time they are at work. We found this quite shocking. That’s 40% of paid time being pretty much flushed down the toilet. That would also be 40% of paid time every single week, every single day, every single hour! What if there are five employees? How much time and money does that equal to a business? To maybe even your business? What is there are ten, twenty, one hundred or one thousand employees? We are talking about an outrageous amount of money being…

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3 Tips To Eliminate Email Chaos

Written by Carl Ashton No Comments


Is Your Inbox Out Of Control? Most people’s are, so don’t worry you’re not alone in dreading the Monday morning inbox “pile up”. So below, are 3 practical tips that you implement starting today, to help ease the inbox chaos that is blighting so many entrepreneurs, CEO’s and pretty much ever single employee! 1 – It’s 2015, Use A Software! We have to put this first because it’s literally the easiest way to solve this problem. Now, there are quite a few very good softwares around today that can help you out here if you do a little research. But,…

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Quickly Ready To Go…Like Magic!

Written by Carl Ashton No Comments


Hey there! Wow, the DynaDo tech team are really building up a lot of momentum this week… and YOU get to reap all the benefits of their hard work (buy them a drink when you see them). The image below shows the brand new personal and company Set-Up Wizards… What do these new wizards mean to you, our valued users? Well, we all know when you start using a new software, there is always the dreaded set-up procedures to drag yourself through, so you can get to the ‘good stuff’. Here at DynaDo, we hate all that stuff just as…

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Task Filters Simplify Your Life!

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Latest DynaDo News! Task Filters have been added to simply make your working life easier by giving you unprecedented oversight! So here’s what DynaDo’s new Task Filters feature actually does and how it can help your projects run smoother (therefore more profitable for all involved by saving a lot of time!) As you can see from the image above, their are many relevant and useful filter options to help your team and you stay focused on the most pressing tasks in your business. Using filters like ‘Overdue’ help make sure that all hands are on deck” and working hard to…

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Halloween Office Horrors (Worth Sharing!)

Written by Tomasz Jezierski No Comments


Halloween, like April Fool’s Day, is an opportunity to engage with your office colleagues and create some laughs. We’ve put together a list of some tricks and treats that can work in any setting! Maybe you need ideas for tonight’s office party, or have a last-minute urge to create some havoc in the office? Either way we’ve got you covered in this selection of articles. Click on the title to get: Short Office Horror Stories that’ll Terrify You These slides are perfect for sharing over your social networks. They’re short, to the point, and certainly caused some smiles in our team. Fun…

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